Launching a Research Study on the Impact of COVID-19 on Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

Blog post by Celeste Suart

Like many of you, we here in the Truant lab have had to temporarily pause our research efforts and close the lab in response to COVID-19. This is an important and necessary step to flatten the curve of COVID-19. People are having a variety of reactions to this unexpected situation.

This is in part why we have launched a research study to examine the impact of research disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic on graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. We want to gather this data on the stresses and concerns of students and fellows are experiencing in a systematic way to identify the supports that are needed right now and when the pandemic dissipates.

We also want to identify best practices of how to quickly shut down laboratories, and provide support to students and fellows, that could be used if similar situations arise in the future.

To participate in our study, we are asking students and fellows to fill out one anonymous online survey. For those wishing to provide further feedback, we are also conducting optional virtual one-on-one interviews via Zoom. Further details about the procedures involved in both the survey and interview can be found in their associated letters of information. You can find copies of these letters in the hyperlinked text above.

If you are interested in participating in the study, you can access the online survey at the following link:

You can sign-up to receive more information about the interviews following the completion of the online survey.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of this study!

This study has been reviewed by the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board (HiREB). If you any have concerns or questions about your rights as a participant or about the way the study is being conducted, call the Office of the Chair, HiREB, at 905.521.2100 x 42013.

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