SCASource is alive!

It’s alive!

SCAsourcelogo is based on the model of distilling primary research manuscripts to lay language that ataxia patients and familes can understand.

Why do this?

A few reasons:

  1. Science in the media is overall pretty poorly done.
  2. In the internet age, news is about clicks and hype, with a short attention span and no real emphasis on accuracy.
  3. Good knowledge is hard to get, but can empower those with disease to understand their disease and hopefully upcoming options.
  4. SCA families need a reliable source of information, they don’t need hype, so they can understand when it is time to get really excited about breakthroughs. We also need to share the process to show these families people are working very hard, dedicated, day and night to try and get a therapy for these diseases.

How did this Happen?

This was born at lunch tables at the National Ataxia Foundation bi-annual Ataxia Investigators Meeting. This was driven by young scientists, post-Doctoral Fellows and graduate students who got together and decided this was needed and a great idea to get the impact of their efforts beyond just other scientists.

The catalyst was Celeste Suart, who coordinated efforts and physically set up the site, the themes, logos, Twitter accounts…etc.


What Next?

Content! We are a work in progress and are open to any helpful input.

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