General Information

Location and Contacts

MBF Location: Health Sciences Centre 4H14

MBF Contact:,

Management and Policies

The MBF is currently run by Dr. Ray Truant. The MBF is heavily subsidized by the Truant lab (and Dr. David Andrews in the past). Recent changes have been made to make the facility more user-friendly and efficient. There is currently no grant support; if this changes, we will lower fees accordingly. Please read through our facility policy for more information.

Facility Keycard Access

Drop by HSC 4N53 to acquire a form (envelope on lab door), or download here

  • Fill out form and bring printed record of WHMIS safety training (from MOSAIC)

If you have an existing hospital access card – bring the 5 digits on the back

  • If you do not have one – follow instructions on the form
  • Speak to Claudia (in HSC 4N53) to acquire signatures

Bring completed form to Biochem Office (4N59)

User Etiquette

Any abuse of devices (i.e. dismantling without permission, damaging, abuse of internet usage etc). will result in access being revoked and service charges to restore the devices

Data is expected to be removed from devices as often as possible to allow other users to save data without the hard drives being full

Claudia facilitates as a tech as needed for technical support BUT IS NOT EXPECTED to be of service for all needs (EMAIL ONLY:

  • We will refuse access to devices/support if users are not respectful