1. The microscopes are not working like last time.

Try restarting everything. Sometimes there may be something that does not automatically click into place as it should and just needs to be restarted.

2. Issues seeing sample (i.e. no fluorescence).

There are several potential things to check. First of all, are all the settings correct in order to see the desired channel? Are the correct filters in place, shutters opened and buttons clicked? Do you know if your sample is fluorescent?

3. Where are the keys to go into the rooms?

If you can’t find the keys in the normal location, check the other rooms by gently knocking on the doors. Someone may have just forgotten to put it back.

4. Keycard has stopped working.

When you first get your keycard, there was a “duration” set for how long access is granted for.

5. Can I cancel a session?

Yes, if you give more than 24 hours notice. If less than 24 hours, please email truantr@mcmaster.ca to see if session can be cancelled.

6. I am having trouble with my experiments. Where can I find resources to help me?

This is a great resource to learn about basic microscopy and more advanced methods:  https://www.microscopyu.com/

Additionally, device information can be found below with training videos. Please read manuals and manufacturer information that are linked as well for further information.