EVOS FL Auto 2 Widefield Microscope


  • Widefield, inverted scope
  • Multichannel imaging, Z-stacks, plate screening, image stitching, time-lapse
  • Live cell imaging (heated stage and gas control)
  • Channels available: 4 channels (plus transmitted) at once out of this selection (make note in your booking) 
    • DAPI, CFP, YFP, RFP, TxRed, Cy5
  • Objectives available: 10X Plan Fluorite (AMEP4623), 20X Plan Apochromat (AMEP4734), 40X Plan Fluorite (AMEP4625), 60X Plan Apochromat (AMEP4694)
  • Internal User Price: $20/hour
  • External User Price: $40/hour
  • Minimum booking time: 1 hour

TECAN M1000 Fluorescent Plate Reader


  • Luminescence and fluorescence
  • Internal User Price: $20/hour
  • External User Price: $40/hour
  • Minimum booking time: 5 minutes
  • Training: TECAN M1000 Training Video

Leica SP5 Confocal Microscope


  • Laser scanning confocal
  • Internal User Price: $40/hour
  • External User Price: $80/hour
  • In-person sessions that require facility assistance: additional $40/hour
  • Minimum booking time: 1 hours

Training: Video and in-person supervised session (both needed to make bookings)

    • 1. Watch Leica SP5 Confocal Training Video
    • 2. Book a supervised practice by emailing Dr. Ray Truant ( and Morgan Richards (
    • 3. The in-person supervised practice will be with Morgan (during Covid – one to one sessions only, masks are mandatory)

Additional information: Leica SP5 manufacturer website

Nikon SR-SIM Microscope

N-SIM-S-product_ec7d1033075031a0254a7350f4e87eb4 (1)

Additional information: Nikon SR-SIM manufacturer website